Coffee fit for a king

It’s been said that a good first post for any blog is a description of the purposes and reasons behind the blog. It’s also a good thing to introduce yourself and say hello. While this is by no means a good first post, it is the first post and so introductions are in order.

Well, Hello.

The How

Regarding the blog system it’s hosted on Github Pages and uses giscus for commenting. Basically, its just a simple static site generated with Jekyll.

I will not be doing any sort of SEO optimization, or tracking, there are no cookies, or analytics, and no newsletter. The only thing required is a Github account, and you only need to have that if you wish to leave me a comment on one of my posts. You should see the comment box (say hello!) which giscus provides at the bottom of this post, it hooks into the discussion section of a Github repository, which I must say, is pretty clever, but that’s why you need a Github account to make a comment.

There should be an RSS feed somewhere on the main page if you wish to subscribe, I plan to post about weekly.

The Why

The reasons for the existence of the metacontent blog are mostly just to record various things which I do with my computer, a place to keep notes and jot things down. What sort of things? Well, I’ve been hacking around with Common Lisp lately and I might have a thing or two to say about that at some point. I’ve also noodled around with Python and Java in the past so I wouldn’t be surprised if that also came up.

I mostly use Ubuntu Linux as my desktop, though at the moment I’m on Windows 11, using the WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) which is kind of a bastardized version of Linux lurking inside a Windows wrapper.

I’ve had a long-time interest in cryptocurrency and to a lesser extent stocks. I plan to disclose which products I’m currently invested with on the Investing tab if anyone is curious.

I also feel quite strongly about Free Software and Open Software, the megalith corporations that have produced mountains of closed software over the past 50 years have done a major disservice to the entire planet, not just the software industry.

So, I guess, that’s what this will be about, but I suppose time will tell.

Oh, and I might post pictures of my dog.