All of my investments are long-term investments. I invest in ETF’s because they are safer than individual stocks, but I also invest in cryptocurrencies because I believe that they are the future of finance. It’s only a matter of time until some form of crypto becomes the dominant financial system.

Which ETF’s

As a Canadian, it is slightly more complicated and less profitable to invest in US Markets due to conversion rates as well as potential tax issues, so I invest in ZCN which is an ETF of the top 230 Canadian Stocks, and XBB which is a Bond ETF that holds approximately 1300 different types of Canadian bonds.

Which Crypto

My primary crypto investment is CRO. If you are interested in using the App we will both be rewarded with $25 if you use my referral code: g8ygkmbn48

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If you are one to believe that promotion drives the market then two good reasons to invest with are: First, they recently took over the name of a famous Los Angeles arena which as of Dec 25th 2021 is now known as The Arena. This arena is home to the Los Angeles Kings NHL team, as well as the LA Lakers and LA Clippers NBA teams. The naming contract is scheduled to last for the next 20 years. Second, they recently produced a commercial starring Matt Damon as their new brand ambassador entitled “Fortune Favors the Brave” which is linked below.

However, If you are not one to be convinced by promotion and would rather see solid functionality then consider that owns the second most active cryptocurrency exchange based on total volume, and let’s not forget the Visa Card which is the most popular Visa card of its type in the world. Obsidian Visa Card

Why Cryptocurrency

Under the current financial system, governments can print money any time they want, rather than solve the problem this only inflates costs for everyone. Being able to do that allows the government to act irresponsibly since they do not need to care about how they spend taxpayers money because they know they can just print more if they run out. This enables them to essentially campaign on nothing more than a platform of bribery to get elected. This isn’t good.

When the government resorts to printing money to pay off its debts, and its voters, then prices rise (duh!) and the majority of that printed money ends up in the hands of those who need it the least (oops!).

A decentralized cryptocurrency means that no one can simply print more whenever they need it. A cryptocurrency with a public blockchain means that there is a record of every transaction that has ever been made, unlike cash which can be completely anonymous. This means that cryptocurrencies are more stable, more reliable, more accountable, and even dare I say it more ethical than the traditional fiat currency systems in use today.

Yes, crypto still has a long way to go before it supplants traditional systems, but given the current economic instability and the way that governments have recently ramped up their attempts to print their way out of any crisis, I believe a global transition to crypto could happen a lot sooner than people think.