I am sure I am not alone in finding it difficult to talk about one’s self for any length of time or at anything other than a superficial depth, so I hope you will excuse the poverty of this page.

These days I am a hobbyist computer programmer who works from home and tries to be a good Dad. Although I’ve had a number of thrilling careers in the past I feel content with where I am now, for now.

I favour Open Source over Closed Source with regard to programs.

I use Emacs as my… well, I sort of use it for everything.

Lately, I’ve been really enjoying Common Lisp. Though in the past I’ve used Java and Python, and in the really ancient past I’ve used Pascal.

If you need to reach me, a comment on on this site will probably get my attention. Otherwise, my email address and twitter account should both be listed in the footer. If none of those methods elicit any response I’m probably dead.

You can find a more lengthy treatment in my introduction post.